HADES Copper-Plated Stainless Steel 17-Ounce Insulated Mug with Lid and Ace of Spades Bottle Opener

$29.99 (as of August 22, 2017, 4:35 am) & FREE Shipping. Details $20.97





Introducing the HADES Insulated Mug: the mug with eye-catching copper plating over a kitchen-grade insulating stainless steel construction! It’s an exceptional mug for exceptional people, we guarantee it.

The contents are:

  • THE MUG ITSELF: A full 17oz/500mL capacity enough for any frothy cold beer, with its two walls of stainless steel for sustaining an air insulation suitable for maintaining the temperatures of any frosty cold and scorching hot beverage anywhere.
  • BONUS COFFEE LID: Don’t let a spill ruin your day, the bonus spill-proof lid keeps all your drink from spilling. Oh, and the lid is also non-toxic and BPA-free!
  • “ACE OF SPADES” BOTTLE OPENER: It’s going to spin heads when you whip out this one-of-a-kind card, but don’t be fooled, this in truth opens bottles! The notches inside the spade hooks onto any bottle, taking into consideration the cap to release after pushing down on the card. Your traditional bottle opener will be jealous!

ORDER NOW to safe your own HADES Insulated Mug with bonus lid and bottle opener!


Perfect for not only the home, but work, travelling, and camping too! This isn’t some fragile glass mug that’ll shatter the moment you give it a mean look, it’s THE stainless steel mug for taking a beating (though we recommend handling it with care if you wish to have it to look good!). Two-layered insulation keeps your beer cold in the freshest of summer, coffee or tea hot in the coldest of winter, and anywhere in between! Coupled with the further-insulating bonus lid, it can go all over the place you go for any beverage you desire.


Each and every mug is covered with a 90-day money-back guarantee! If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the mug, we’ll refund all the amount (or replace it free-of-charge, if something isn’t right).

► THE OFFICIAL MUG BY @BEERGOODIES – If this was glassware, this would be #fancyglassware! Make stronger the page and get a kickass mug by clicking that buy button like a savage.
► COPPER-PLATED WITH KITCHEN-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL – Copper is distinctive. Steel is tough. Have the best of both worlds with polished copper plating over durable brushed stainless steel. Also looks nice with stainless steel straws.
► TWO-LAYERED INSULATION – Keeps beer cold & keeps coffee hot! The double walls of steel sustains an air insulation suitable for maintaining temperatures in any condition. Pairs well with whiskey stones and ice cubes for maximum cooling.
► FREE “ACE OF SPADES” BOTTLE OPENER – Pure. Badass. The card is your handle, and the spade is the opener. Get it for FREE with the mug and bonus lid.
► BONUS COFFEE LID – Also great for sipping hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Lid is spill-proof like a typical coffee lid, not leak-proof (so don’t go holding the mug upside-down!). Rubber O-ring effortlessly detaches and attaches for easy cleaning.


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