Schefs Premium Tea Infuser – Stainless Steel – Single Cup – Perfect Strainer for Loose Leaf Tea

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Make the perfect cup of tea every time – in just three simple steps — Schefs Stainless Steel Tea Infuser makes it so easy!

– Measure the perfect amount of tea every time with our specially designed infuser
– Allow the water to perfectly steep your tea with our high capacity design that promotes water flow
– In spite of everything remove the infuser, calm down, and enjoy your perfect cup of tea – when your done our infuser is easy to clean

Schefs stainless steel tea infuser was designed to make brewing a cup of tea as easy as possible

Loose leaf tea expand and needs lots of room when steeping to ensure the best flavor, so we designed our infuser to be larger and to allow optimal water waft. This allows the tea to fully expand and ensures that you get the true and full flavor of your favorite loose leaf teas. Don’t waste your premium teas by cramming them into undersized infusers with poor water waft. Finally – if you have picked the right tea, water temperature, and steep time- why let your infuser let you down – Use Schefs Tea Infuser to ensure the perfect cup of tea.

When you order today, you’re secure by a 60 day, no-questions asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and world class customer service!

Schefs Stainless Steel Tea Infuser also makes the perfect gift – so buy two!

Whilst other tea infusers constantly leak tea debris or have too few holes and break or rust after a couple of uses, the Schefs Premium Tea Infuser has precision laser etched holes, a twist lock lid, and will last longer than other brands on the market. This means a better cup of tea with fewer floaties and smoother flavor. Perfect for full leaf loose tea, most herbal teas, and even ground coffee.
EASY TO USE Flat-bottomed design makes measuring and filling a breeze. Simply scoop, measure, fill and twist to close, and steep with hot water. Now You’ll replace your old tea bags and enjoy drinking fresh full flavored tea with this wonderful tea filter.
EASY TO CLEAN Twist off the top and rinse – couldn’t be simpler. Other stainless steel, silicone, and mesh tea balls strainers and infusers can be difficult to clean. Our loose tea infuser is designed to be easy to clean with just running water. DIshwasher protected but just as easy to simply rinse and let air dry.
LARGE CAPACITY Large single cup serving is perfect for letting your tea fully expand and breathe. Fill our single serve tea infuser one-third or half way with your favorite tea for the perfect cup every time. You’ll even use it in a teapot or kettle to make more than one cup. Also, works as a spice ball.
SUPERIOR DESIGN Our non-toxic high-quality premium grade stainless steel tea infuser is superior in design to other mesh tea balls and cute novelty tea strainers which are hard to fill, hard to clean and leave floaties and tea debris in your mug. Our flat-bottomed design stays put for easy use in and out of your cup. The extra-long chain hooks onto your mug thermos or tea infuser go back and forth mug for easy removal. It’s compact and great for go back and forth.






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