Six Star Rosin – 37u Rosin Filter Bag (3″x5″)

$14.00 (as of August 22, 2017, 1:37 am) $12.00

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Six Star 37u Rosin Filter Bag, 3″x5″

-25μ filter bags are ideal for rosin tech extraction of hash, kief or other fine materials.
-The luggage are 100% nylon, proven to be stronger than polyester.
-The materials are all food grade and UV sterilized.
-We chose to head with a single thread stitch design for maximum yield and strength.
-Only the best materials are used within the construction of our bags to verify the most productive experience a filter bag can give.
37μ – highest for processing of hash and kief
100% Nylon (More durable than polyester).
Food grade and UV sterilized for maximum safety.
Single thread stitching to stop blowout and achieve maximum yield.


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