Plain White Porcelain Mug and Handle Best Gift Ideas For Coffee And Tea

$19.99 (as of August 22, 2017, 6:37 am)

The Floating Mug® | by Tigere Chiriga



The Floating Mug® | by Tigere Chiriga

Made of white porcelain and plain as can be
Designed to surprise you and fill you with glee
A clever new maintain that’s stylish and sturdy
A novelty mug that is far from just quirky.

Suspended in air means a coaster not needed
You think it’s a lie but in time you can imagine it
From kitchen to dining and your entire decor
Secure from the stains you won’t leave anymore

Some mugs have sayings, others have quotes
Floating Mug® beats them, we’re happy to gloat
It looks adore it’s fragile, will easily fall
Deceptive appearance no worries at all

A popular gift both to give or receive
For husband or wife, girlfriend, brother or Steve?
For coffee or tea, doesn’t matter the reason
This mug is the best and for that you are going to please ’em

Important Note:
Item(s) may arrive broken, do not be concerned we’ll maintain it for you.
Floating Mug® is NOT recommended for use with AEROPRESS
clever gift for mother, father or significant other. Sincere reactions to your thoughtfulness.
Artwork for your office. Functions like any other mug whilst dazzling your clients and co-workers.
Designed with modern lines and tapered walls, it’s surprisingly useful and comfortable to hold.
Perfect for coffee lovers or tea infusers. A household accent to punctuate your home and decor.
Holds approximately 8oz and it’s dishwasher and microwave Secure (top rack only)


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